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Upcoming Events & Meetings

Academic year plan 2022

The following various events and workshops in our association are held on the following schedules. The events you need to register will be added in the section above and on the home page. Contact us if you want to know more about this schedule.

Clinical meeting

  1. Kandy – April or May
  2. Galle – September
  3. Jaffna – December

Clinical lecture discussion and hands on training programme

14/02/2022Indirect ophthalmoscopy basic
Module 1,2 & 3 trainees
17/03/2022How to analize basic OCT/OCTA
For PG trainees, nurse and Ophthalmic technologists
Date will be informedBasic in laser therapy & demonstration of lenses
All modules trainees

• CLD / journal club on a Monday or Friday of each month

MonthJournal club
25/02/2022Insights into epiretinal membranes: Presence of ectopic inner foveal layers and a new Optical Coherence Tomography staging scheme.
23/03/2022Neovascular Glaucoma: a review
22/04/2022Topic will be informed
9/05/2022Topic will be informed
19/06/2022Topic will be informed
18/07/2022Topic will be informed
12/09/2022Topic will be informed
14/11/2022 Topic will be informed


Date Topic
27th March 2022 Diabetic retinopathy
10th  April 2022 Research & Audit
8th May 2022   Management of complication cataract surgery
26th June 2022   OCT
31st July 2022   Ocular trauma
25th September 2022 AMD
16th  October 2022   Retinal diseases for  optometrists /ophthalmic technologists
27th November 2022   Indirect ophthalmoloscopy workshop – practical session for module 4 trainees
11th December 2022 Basic concept For VR nurses

Past Events